Programs for women of foreign descent

Are you interested in starting your own business or a non-profit organization? Or: Do you all ready have a business or a non-profit organization that you want to develop?

If so, you should attend one of our information meetings.

Do any of these statements ring true to you?

  1. You want to start a business but don´t know how to start and what to do first.
  2. You feel like you want support in developing your vision
  3. You feel you lack business skills and acumen in order to make an attempt at business.
  4. You lack network and knowledge of how gain business partners.
  5. Selling your business to others seems daunting.
  6. You are passionate about your idea but want to build up the courage to realize your business idea.
  7. You are willing to test your idea and make adjustments to it in order to make it sustainable.
  8. You want practical support and you are willing to work on your idea in a co-creation environment where you have the support of other women.
  9. You are willing to use your mistakes as learning opportunities and adjust as you go.
  10. You are not sure if your idea is innovative enough to compete with others on the market.

If any of these statements ring true continue reading about the various programs available.

Sister in Business 10-steps entrepreneurship program

The program is targeting women who are at the early start up phase or who have an idea or a competence that they would like to explore.

The program offers a combination of individual coaching sessions, workshops and seminars led by professional business developers and coaches.

The 10-step program includes the following themes:

  • Vision goals and challenges
  • How to sharpen your business idea
  • Developing your leadership skills
  • How to find and evaluate your target group
  • Trend spotting
  • Revenue models
  • Return on investment
  • When to protect your idea
  • Action plan
  • Pricing and sales
  • Sales pitch presentation

At the end of the program you are clear about what you are offering, you have tested your idea on the target group and you have a business plan that includes an action plan with clear steps on how to move forward with your idea. Above that you are part of a business network that continuously can support your next steps.

Sisters in Business 10-steps Rizewoman program

The program contains the same format as above but targets women of African descent only.

Sisters in business Social innovation program

If you have an idea which primary aim is to solve a social problem or need, then this is the program for you.  The program covers the following areas:

  • Problem and aim
  • Trend spotting
  • Creativity tools to solve your problem
  • Vision, challenges and goals
  • Financing models and recourses needed
  • Different examples on how to measure impact
  • Recruiting members and engaging others in your idea
  • Ways to implement your idea
  • Goals and action plan

A more comprehensive outline of the course will be given when you apply to the program or attend one of our information meetings.

Sisters ambassadors program

Are you a woman with business experience that voluntary want to help other women to become entrepreneurs?

Sisters in business offer you to join this program.

After you program your role is to guide the women to the right type of business development support and be a source for information.  If you join the course then you learn the following:

  1. You get up date information on the various organizations that provide business development support.
  2. Deeper understanding of how the business sector works in Sweden
  3. We teach you the basic coaching skills.
  4. General information on how to conduct a status quo analysis.
  5. How to conduct information meetings in a Cafe´ environment.

If you feel like you want to give back through this program then contact us for an information meeting.