Jabou Foon

Phone: +46 (0)76 0630600
E-Mail: jabou@sistersinbusiness.se

Jabou Foon, Gambian Swedish born and raised in Sweden by parents from The Gambia. Jabou has over 10 years of experience in HR and holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from England as well as a Masters degree I Human Resources and Management.

Jabou is a passionate believer in self-development and personal growth and moved her career towards working more directly with people. She is a trained coach and currently work for a large international company as a job/career coach as well as running her own coaching company Coaching2Advance. Apart from her keen interest in coaching she is an entrepreneur at heart and has always had a million ideas in her head. One of her ideas came into fruition through Sisters in Business. Jabou first came into contact with Sisters in Business in 2014 when collaborating with the founder of the organization, in order to start a business program, Rizewoman for women of African descent, who wanted to start up a business in Sweden.

Jabou has now joined forces with the founder, Annika Löfgren and they now run Sisters in Business together.

Annika Löfgren

E-Mail: annika@sistersinbusiness.se

Annika grew up on the countryside at a farm outside Strängnäs. Nature became her perfect play ground and it was in this environment she developed her first skills to become an entrepreneur. Her first education was in business economy and she started up her first company at the age of 19. For 10 years she worked on several differend positions in the field of banking, before she was trained in entrepreneurship and innovation leadership at Mälardalen University. It was during this time she really found out what she was passionate about in life and she startet do create an innovation process model for early stage ideas together with another student.

Her true passion is to support and inspire people to grow with their ideas. 2005-2008 Annika got the chance to work as a manager of an incubator Idélab at Mälardalens University.  Shortly after her time at the incubator Annika co-founded the organization Sisters in business, that in 2011 also became a womens entrepreneurship center in Eskilstuna.

Today Annika operates the association Sisters in business together with Jabou Foon. Her specific interest is to continously develop processes and tools that can help people to grow with their ideas.

Always remember that F.E.A.R. is just a sign of your First  Ever Attempt to RISE  in the direction you hold as your dream. It will not come without some amount of doubt. So just move past it !