The story behind Sisters

Sister in business was founded in 2011. It all started in a new top-floor flat rented in the city center of Eskilstuna. Soon it was spread over the city that this was the place to meet, discuss ideas and get inspired if you wanted to take the brave step to become an entrepreneur. Since then Sisters in business has moved to another space in an old church and further on to Nacka, Stockholm. Today Sisters in business are working in different places in Sweden, but with its base in Stockholm.

Below you can learn more about Sisters in business previous work.

  • 2016-2017

    How can we offer migrants a faster way to use their entrepreneurship in Sweden? The Bazar business hub project in Eskilstuna are exploring the possibility to transfer concepts from the model in Minesota, USA, that successfully support migrants from Somalia to become entrepreneurs. Sisters in business, Maria Omar, entrepreneur from Somalia and the audit company Rådek initiated the project with support from the national agency Tillväxtverket and the local bank Sparbanksstiftelsen. ABF, Coompanion, IFS, Ung Företagsamhet, Mötesplats Fröet, Ung Fritid och Eskilstuna kommun are all involved in the procect activities. Read more under news on this website.

  • 2016

    Sisters in business are part of an initiative from Länsstyrelsen (Governmental department) in Stockholm region. The purpose is to make the current business development sector and the state funded innovation system more accessible for people from minority background. The vision is that everyone should have the same possibility to develop ideas and start up a business in Stockholm.

  • 2014 -2015

    Sisters in business ran four business programs targeting afro-Swedish women with fantastic results held in Stockholm. The programs came about through the results of a needs analysis done in 2013, initiated by USWA (United Swedish Women Awareness an NGO of Eritrean women) and Sisters in business further ordered by the Government department Länsstyrelsen for Stockholm. The results of the need analysis prompted a tender for a pilot. Sisters in Business were successful in the tender process as well as 4 other organizations. The success and interest of the project spread fast and we were able to add further two programs. The name of the programs was Rizewoman Business program and Sisters in business and USWA Business School.

  • 2013-2015

    Sisters in business ran a project in Eskilstuna to train (Key community leaders) idea-guides from minority groups with an entrepreneurship background. After training the idea-guides got involved to coach and inform aspiring entrepreneurs of the possibilities offered by the business support system. Another role of the idea-guid was to help them book meetings with the right organization based upon their idea. Sisters in business collaborated with several other organizations within the business development sector: Nordea bank, Rådek accountant firm, ABF education, NyföretagarCentrum, IFS, ALMI and the former Bazar business school. 15 people were trained and 50 people with ideas were guided to a support organization, 5 companies started and 15 people are about to start in 2016. A very interesting projects in order to support new companies to grow in Eskilstuna.

  • 2013

    Sisters in business worked with young people in three cities in Sweden; Eskilstuna, Nacka and Västerås. The goal was to empower young people from minority groups and to stimulate their capacity to innovate. The result was a co-creation model tested and developed together with young people. Funded by the governmental department for innovation (VINNOVA).

  • 2012

    A research-based project in order to access equality based on gender within the innovation- eco system. Five researchers collaborated with Sisters in business and five main challenges were identified for women who want to develop ideas, start and run a business. Training programs were held to increase awareness about the conditions for women among innovations support organizations. You can read more in the five articles created in Swedish, about the challenges identified by researcher. The project was funded by the government organization Tillväxtverket.

  • 2011- 2013

    Sisters in business ran Womens entrepreneurship center (Resurscentra) in Eskilstuna for Eskilstuna community citizens. The center offered coaching, innovation advice, advisory board education, business development workshops and inspiration events, as part of the main activities. Eskilstuna municipality funded the center.

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