Ibrahim KargboSAVE OUR PRIDE

    What is your main idea or business idea or the purpose of SAVE OUR PRIDE?

    SAVE OUR PRIDE Centre-Sierra Leone is a international NGO base in Sweden and Sierra Leone, it is a based-community Orphanage operating under SAVE OUR PRIDE. We work with churches in Sweden and in Sierra Leone. SAVE OUR PRIDE activities mainly directed to help, nurture and develop orphaned and vulnerable children to become self-sustaining and consructive to their communities.

    Why do you find it interesting to collaborate with Sisters in business?

    I find it very interesting to collaborate in projects and other work, I can see we have some  of the same goals by offering vital help to people in need, worthwhile causes, and in the community. The benefits can be even greater for the people out there if we work together. I believe.

    This is one of the main factors of me collaborating with the noble Sisters In Business.

    A quote you would like to share with other entrepreneurs

     “A tree does not move unless there is the wind.”