Mam FoonFounder Mbfcreatives, & Mam Foon lifestyle brand

    “Mam Foon is a fashion lifestyle brand inspired by a mashup of heritage, music, art and life. It’s a way to express, empower yourself and your surroundings with all the riches living in between different cultures.”

    My target group is young people who understand the value in being multicultural in various different ways.

    The unique thing about my brand is that there are not many graphic designers with my background and cultural heritage in Sweden who can draw from their experience and heritage and express visually through my work and clothes.

    I launched my first t-shirt collection last year (2015) and managed to sell my first tee on the same day. The collection has been well received and more launches are planned in the future.

    Jabou Foon is my “real “ sister and I introduced Jabou and Annika to each other, which lead to a great project called Rizewoman. I was also a participant in another business development program run by Sisters in Business.