Micheal AkampaCEO Traction Capital

    Business idea or purpose of your organization? 

    Traction Capital is an investment and advisory firm that aims at identifying trade and investment opportunities in Africa’s frontier markets and working with prospective investors and businesses from all over the world to seize these opportunities.
 Through our advisory arm, Traction Advisory, we provide pro bono advisory services to young entrepreneurs, women and other special interest groups looking to start their own business ventures/organizations.

    Why do you find it interesting to collaborate with Sisters in business?

    Sisters in business is a socially responsible organization that provides a gender inclusive environment to vulnerable groups in our society to succeed through innovation and entrepreneurship – by learning and sharing.

    Successful ventures are not best started in isolation from one another but through close collaboration with each another. Sisters in Business offers a conducive platform and environment to do so, and we find this approach very interesting and are happy to collaborate with Sisters in business.

    A quote I would like to share with other entrepreneurs

    “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”  Winston S. Churchill