Rosy MafutaFounder Twin Doves

    Twin Doves (Not for Profit Organization) by Rosy and Magaly Mafuta

    The purpose of the organization is to inspire youths to choose a more purposeful way of life. The purpose of the organization is to spread positive messages through music and also support cultural awareness and support the spreading of world music in the form of concerts, events, youths festivals, schools and youth centers.

    All in the name of fighting apathy amongst youths and encouraging them to follow their dreams. The organizations target group is youths living in deprived areas of Sweden and development countries.

    We have many followers in social media and receive request for membership everyday. We have had some media attention and intend to build awareness of our organization through our singing events.

    We are associated with Sisters in Business through the project of Rizewoman. One of the founders attended the program.

    A quote I would like to share with other entrepreneurs

    Go women, let only the sky be your limit/ Twin Doves (Rosy and Magaly Mafuta)