Delicieuse MukeFounder View At Communications

    Soon after the company had been founded, View At was awarded with Almi’s development aid, which is granted to companies with ideas that are innovative and have the potential to grow. With the help of a beautiful classical fire engine customers are offered interactive mobile advertising.

    Unlike regular ads such as seen on billboards, a customer’s message will stand out – partly because we’re willing to stretch the size of the ad beyond what’s standard. Also, View At offers customers playfulness and an entirely new way of using the street scene to convey their message. As most people are not used to seeing marketing done this way, it will most likely come as a surprise for them and we tend to remember surprises.

    Customers’ messages can be adapted locally to the target group and location or be a part of a bigger campaign across several platforms such as social media, TV and events. The mobility that comes with a fire engine allows companies with bigger campaigns in multiple locations to easily move their promotion to other locations.

    What is your connection with Sisters in Business or how/why did you get in contact with Sisters in Business?

    I was a participant in Rizewoman arranged by Sisters in Business and I am still involved with the organization and have been for a very long time now.  Their focus on women of African descent in the Rizewoman program is something I admire and feel is needed in our society.

    A quote I would like to share with other entrepreneurs

    Everything you want is on the other side of fear.